11 things Android newbies should not do

If you’re new to something, and you don’t have knowledge about this item, you’ll certainly make some errors as newcomer. All mistakes are readily removed with only knowledge of the thing. Same, like you’re a newcomer to the Android platform, then there are a few mistakes you’ll make as a new user. By reading this report, it is simple to prevent the errors, that shouldn’t perform as android user.


11 things Android newbies should not do

11 things Android newbies should not do

Things you should not do as Android user

1- Protect your personal data

You’ll want some type of particular data in your own android device. You usually do not desire to talk about it with anybody, or you don’t desire to discard it. You have to offer your own personal data having an password, password or layout lock, and this presents device.Do perhaps not keep it publicly available.

2- Don’t use live Wallpaper

The next blunder is you likely to create is you’ll put an animated wallpaper on you mobile screen. No it isn’t just a fantastic idea. Its uses power of battery along with the battery will probably be low previous to time. You really should make use of a static wallpaper.

3- Don’t over stuffed cellphone with widgets

Many end users over stuffed entire their cellular background with widgets. Don’t do that. The more widgets you’ve got on cellphone background the more energy you squander your battery. And that can make problem for you even though looking for that desirable widget one of lots of put in will probably take plenty of function.

4- Don’t show negligence in creating Gmail Account

Android and and Gmail functions together, when you have android apparatus then you definitely have to possess G-mail account. This is basically because should you haven’t a gmail account, then you are going to miss essential upgrades and a whole lot of features. So, create your gmail accounts as possible for you to survive on android system.

5- Don’t ignore permissions

After you install the application, you will be warned that the permission, which requires that the applying to use. You should not ignore it. Read this carefully after which take decision to install it manually not. If you discount it, some kinds of software can attack on your personal data.

6- Downloading apps from external resources

Android offers you permission to download apps from Google and also from external resources. But it is never to suggest that you download all out of additional resources. You need to just download that apps which are related to you. Because resources other than Google usually aren’t safe to use.

7- Don’t turn on all networks at once

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile internet, GPS, do no put on all these at a time. Use only these networks if required. Because if you don’t, it will consume your battery power.

8- Don’t use standard settings

Customize your phone according to your flavour like sound, wallpaper, notifications etc otherwise you will be get bored of your android phone.

9- Don’t keep unnecessary apps

Customize your phone according to your flavour such as sound, wallpaper, and so forth differently you will soon be get bored from the android phone.

10- Pretend that using iPhone

Keep in mind which you aren’t using iPhone. Its easier, and better choice as compared to iPhone which you’re making use of.

11- Don’t ignore updates

You always need to search for updates as they’re generally directly linked to device security. So, stay in contact brand new upgrades.

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