Android Marshmallow 6.0 Problems [Solved]

Here is astonishing thing is that less than 3 percent smartphones are marshmallow OS based. You can count devices on fingers, using this operating system. Samsung recently releasing it for galaxy S6. LG is too ready for its G3 and G4.

Android Marshmallow 6.0

android marshmallow problems fixed
This version has some problems in it, we are sharing with you. We have observed it and now providing you solution. Lets solve marshmallow problems.

Battery Draining

Newbies to android M 6.0 are facing the problem of battery draining. This is really a great fault in it. When using WiFi, it is bad android os version. Use of Wifi is general. Other applications were enough to consume battery life.

If you are new user of smartphones (M 6 os Based) or you have updated your device to marshmallow and you are facing this battery problem then clean the system cache. This will remove garbage and make your phone fresh.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on setting,
  2. Then USB & Storage
  3. After this click on chached data.

This will clean your phone.

These are for nexus users. If your not, this path may little bit different.

App Crashes

This is one of most disturbing problems of marshmallow. Many people gave feedback that after updating that our some apps are not working now. Many said that one application is not working now.

When you start developing android app, you have to set API for that app. In this way that app will support that os.

Similarly Marshmallow is 23 API. In this, only applications run that are developed in API 23. Means which are compatible with this.

Some apps are only compatible with lollipop. And when it is updated, then it’ll be freezed.
Its solution is so easy.

Select app (which is crashed) and then click on storage and clear cache. And if you want to correct all or few apps then repeat the process to which we used for battery consumption problem.

An one more app syncing problem (mostly in mail applications) was resolved few days ago by Google.

Installation Problems

Many Nexus users faced “missing system.img” error during installation. Because system image can not be flashed due to flash-all.bat file.
Solution is simple. You have to extract zipped file and make each extracted files in same folder and then flash then one by one.
In marshmallow there is GPS problem which is not fixed yet by google.

If you are facing another problem in marshmallow, comment below we’ll try our best to find solution.

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