Best DSLR Camera Strap 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The strap is a crucial element of your dslr camera, without it, you can’t say your camera set is complete.The strap came with, while purchase a new camera: It is good for you as a starter. But as you move toward a photographer, you might want more features – functionality – and style. An upgraded camera strap holds your camera securely when your hands are not on it — it will be more comfortable to wear, stable, and can easily hold more weight.

Its really a time needed and difficult task to select a best camera strap 2108 from market that fulfills your needs and budget.So, here follow,we have featured ten best dslr camera strap, are best in quality, security and performance.

Best Camera Strap Comparison Table

1- Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap


This lightweight camera strap comfortably hold your DSLR camera and provide stability, comfort and easy access to camera.

It is fully adjustable, you can easily worn it diagonally across the torso from shoulder-to-hip, its thick and comfortable pad has knitted mesh underside, provides breath-ability.

The new locking mechanism on the carabiner is really well – FastenR-3 screws into the tripod socket – and the ConnectR-2 attaches the fastener to the strap, makes the strap durable and fast.


This cross-body strap is perfect companion of your camera while traveling, for business or vacations pleasure trips, lets your DSLR camera at your side and out of the way but remains always at the ready when you need camera, so you can move maneuver easily through crowd, carry a other stuff or simply have both hands free.

The strap is extremely well built and perfect for anyone who loves to photography as profession or hobby.The best thing is, its small size, easier to adjust and store while traveling.

The BlackRapid with a length of 63 inches designed for lightweight gears and lighter photographic modes. The upper and lower part of the strap made up of black ballistic nylon and nylon webbing respectively. Its adjustable length very comfortable to wear on both right and left shoulder.The product comes with 1 year of warranty.

2- Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

The Rapid Fire Camera Shoulder Strap is especially designed for comfort – security – and fast access to camera. This cross-body design is most suitable for all professional DSLR cameras including Canon, Nikon, Leica, Olympus & Pentax, compact system cameras or mirror-less camera. The features a quick release & anti-slip grip base with best design.

The Strap provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress shoulder pad can easily fits on both shoulders allowing the camera to hang on both sides, close to the hip, to rapidly capture the moment.


The lightweight shoulder strap with both adjustable buckle on the front for rapid quick adjustments and a screw-in plate attachment for tripods, and also zipper pocket for storing small accessories for quick access.

Now, forget about stress on your neck and back, Whether you shoot indoors or out, special event, sports, the Rapid Fire Camera Strap Photo will have your camera secured, out of the way, and ready in an instant to shoot your favourite moment.

The strap come up with 60 days Money-Back 100% satisfaction guarantee, responsibility and concern.

  • Durable all-metal clasp
  •  Small Zippered pocket
  • The included strong camera safety tether
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Easily fit to a tripod without having to remove the mounting base
  • solid metal plate securely fastens your expensive gear to the strap.

3- YRMJK camera strap Belt

YRMJK belt strap quick release Sling Shoulder Neck Strap Lightweight and Integrated YRMJK underarm tether provide optimum comfort and security to your DSLR camera.The strap is actually right-handed, it doesn’t matter if you are professional photographer (‘shoot all the day’), wildlife photographer, or on a family trip, the strap with adjustable length makes photography easy and comfortable by hanging ready by your side.

The strap with ergonomic design features a shoulder pad that distributes the weight of the camera evenly for maximum comfort.There is an extra clip with the shoulder pad, allow you to securely fit the strap around your shoulder.


The dimensions of shoulder pad is 37.5cm x 6 cm/14.7in x 2.3in.The includes 1/4″ standard screw, compatible with most of DSLR SLR cameras.

The strap with unique shoulder pad is compatible with all professional cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus Panasonic Leica. The strap come up with 30 day refund policy if you face any quality related issue, and also 90 days guarantee with high satisfaction rate.

4- Movo

The Movo Photo NS-1 Quick Release Shock Absorbing Padded Camera Strap provide a solution to the stock camera strap which is not smooth, graceful or comfortable.The strap have all the required or desirable elements – thick strap shoulder pad (made up of neoprene) is comfortable to wear, convenient to shoot and perfect for formal and casual shoots. Features quick-release design for easy attach and detach while using your gear.

Neoprene feels cozy, stable and secure while holding your expensive camera. The straps offer more advantages over the other straps, it’s not difficult to attach or remove. The length of the strap not too short and not too long and adjustable size, where you want.


The padded strap with optimal design distributes weight evenly and securely, strap features a non-slip surface for additional support and safety.

The product is supported a year warranty, and also a responsive USA-based customer service team is ready to help you to resolve your product base issue.

5- VONOTO Camera Soft Shoulder Neck Strap

If you don’t like straps with plasticky back, rubs your neck when moving around too much, then you are at right place. VONOTO Camera Soft Shoulder Neck Strap is pretty much soft, simple and durable, made up of cotton webbing. The material feels high-quality enough that you should not worried about it tearing or fraying in the near future.

It feels stable, and secure,without need of any additional tool, and is easy to use. Adjustable features for preferred positioning with approx size 54 x 1.2 inch.


It’s much comfortable and soft on your skin than the strap come with your camera while purchased. Colorful but simple anti-slip belt strap compatible with all DSLR cameras.

The strap is backed by one year warranty and 24/7 customer care support.

6- Eggsnow Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

If you like the above strap but didn’t satisfy with the simplicity and color scheme and want to add some more style and fashion to your camera strap, Eggsnow Camera Shoulder Neck Strap give your camera some style, gorgeous look and colorful floral pattern.

The strap made up of high-quality wearable breathable fabric material, so you should not worry about the camera getting scratched or damaged. The adjustable strap designed according to provide complete comfort and ease around neck and shoulder while taking your best shoots or out of the way. The best thing about this strap is, its affordable price, $8.99.


The product come in variety of design patterns and colors, choose your favorite and enjoy photography without fearing about dropping camera and too much fag of photography.


7- BestTrendy Universal Camera Strap

BestTrendy Universal Camera Strap comes through 25 technological procedures and three-time quality inspections, this is reason behind the strap is in the best straps list. The sturdy strap made up of high quality pure cotton webbing, at the top cowhide and soft fiber cloth and stitched Japanese threads which is strong, safe and reliable. The material is preventive against extreme weather conditions, oils and sweat.

The fasteners are not metallic, they are made up of plastic, not a regular plastic but Japanese Nifco and American Duraflex high-tensile plastic which ensures you to use the camera without worrying about dropping it.


Its eye-catching design with some fashion touch make this strap please to look, and add beauty and style to your camera. Its universal interface enable this device to compatible with all type of cameras.


8- OP/TECH USA 3501242 Utility Strap

The OP/TECH Utility Strap not only offers your to carry your camera securely but also a streamlined option for carrying small bags, battery packs and much more. The strap sling offers quick access to your camera while maintaining the security of a camera hanging across your hip. It can comfortably carry big cameras for extended periods of time with the internal control-stretch system and Lycra(R) binding.


Using OP/TECH USA’s exclusive Uni-Loop connectors, your gear hangs securely at your side and will glide up and down the sling without interfering with a camera’s tripod connection.

The Strap contains two Uni-Loop connectors allow for use with a pro battery pack and offer even more options for carrying gear. OP/TECH USA’s quick disconnects can bear 146 pounds weight, so you feel your gear is secure.


There’s absolutely no way I really could possibly review each and every strap accessible out there world-wide. I gather an excellent set of best camera strap 2018 for the review and did my best on this. I am aware I’ll get question regarding straps that I not reviewed here. As we go equally to days gone by with movie cams and to the long run with mirror-less cameras, more innovative individuals will be design more straps. We daily seen that old designs are replaced by new designs and existing brands replacing by new companies with their take on the look and functionality of the camera strap. In the moment, I have done my best, although I am hoping I did by excluding anybody offends.

Camera Strap Buyer’s Guide

Most of the photographers didn’t use stock  camera strap (the strap come with camera while purchased), because the fact that they are usually worthless, weak, low in quality.

There are a lot of seller’s out there in market selling strap with label  “Nikon” or “Canon”. It is not wise to buy these strap, because their only purpose is to draw attention to you. So, this guide, we researched, took advice from experts and including our own experience, help you out in finding the best strap for your gear. Before we move to our guide (‘best camera straps’), one thing you must know that different cameras require different straps depending on the weight and size of the camera. Let’s dive into to guide….

Core Features

First we talk about the important features a camera strap must have, here we sum up the 6 core features that effects the overall quality of the strap. These are the features that you need to consider when you just going to buy strap.


I can’t say about you, but I am the person who like to see the way that how it feels when ever I get something new. Camera straps only by their nature are consistently near your skin, so having something uneasy or scratchy isn’t likely to be nice. Each strap firm has a unique process of manufacturing way that they deal with the material to develop a finished strap. Sometimes the strap unfinished and it will scratch, weather, and fade. Other times it’s sturdy and stiff.

As for me, I prefer the leather that is softer and smoother toward skin. I enjoy the way in which the strap get unique features of my own as it is used by me. BlackRappid is an excellent example of this. That Strap is simply 100% my now. There a benefit of the softer strap is, it can easily be folded. That’s really a great feature for the camera men who need to be really portable and haven’t much room for the strap. Leather softness also determines the strap is flexible and easily stretched. I believe that due to the softness of the material that the strap is flexible and easy to wear and take.

Here for me, there is no option left that I don’t like the softer strap. When there you deal with big cameras like Canon 5D Markiii with 24-105mm L lens on your shoulder, you need a soft strap that provide comfort as much possible.

Shoulder pad

I believe shoulder pads are crucial in case your camera weights like minolta XG. I would say anything that’s cameras bigger than Fuji x100 really needs a shoulder support.  It adds more ease, but additionally, it adds more grip. This is my personal opinion. On all straps that are available with the pads, you can easily move them around and they’re really comfy. If you’ve wider strap pad then you don’t need any additional support, so don’t expect anything there. I think it might be the core design feature of that strap. The foremost thing is that the pad must be soft, comfortable toward your shoulder and neck. Behind all these, the key things is the weight and size of your camera.

Your gear size and weight

As mentioned above strap vary from device to device according to weigh and size of the camera. It’s consistently great to have something good looking, but it also must be functional. Most of the people purchased stuff simply due to the appearance and pay huge cost in the form of ruin of your money and product. I ended up using those things a few times and that was it. So, when we talked about straps and their crucial role (I’m damn sure someone who doesn’t take the straps seriously and doesn’t admire its worth won’t be reading this review), As a camera man it’s really important for you to choose the best match of your specific camera as well as the appearance and functionality of the strap.

In addition , I believe that having more than one strap may be wise. You’ll begin your work with one of course, but perhaps you’d like to have something for winter (As me prefer, softer strap in summer days), or perhaps you get another camera and certainly will need something different for it.I have a 35mm camera, a big DSLR for work, and perhaps another little mirror-less for pleasure and perhaps ’m presuming that many people like picture photography. With so many strap choices every brand you can surely find what’s going to fit for you and your camera. The best thing is that you can e-mail the directly to the company, you will definitely find perfect match for you.

Connectors, Rings and leather bumpers

Camera strap has different connectors that easily attach to your camera. But you face a problem when it comes to medium format film cameras that have specific attachments. As BlackRapid, the locking FastenR-3 screws into the tripod socket, and the ConnectR-2 attaches the fastener to the strap. For the most part it’s easy to attach the strap with 35mm cameras as well as the digital cameras. There are also the straps out there in market that don’t come with the rings, they are by-designed manufactured for the big DSLR cameras and all you required is the strap itself. You just simply set it on the cam through the metal attachment and and that’s it you ready to play.

I personally suggest the strap without bumpers, but If you’re concerned about scratching your camera then bumpers really have an excellent advantage.I feel comfortable with the simple use with no bumpers, but at the same time likes the protectiveness and the safety of the bumpers :P. To the look the fenders also add for a lot of connectors. For many strap bumper has become the design feature.

The thing you should care about the connectors you need for your camera.The wider straps didn’t come with rings, so be careful, and always ask for the rings if you are going to buy wider straps

I think no one would want to get a strap that cannot connect right away. Right now I have enough rings that I can utilize, but in the event that you only get one-strap, this could be an unpleasant surpirize. Maybe the strap  manufacturers can also take that into account for future orders.

Adjustable Length and width size

I’ve quite a strong on the physical attribute of the straps.I find that adjustments make the camera less enjoyable and pleasant to work with.

Professionally, I found that it is easy to work with the straps with fixed lengths. I am 5.6 (1.70m) and for me (94cm) strap is the perfect length. I e-mailed among the strap manufacturing companies inquiring about the recommended length and this is what they suggested. It ended up to be just perfect and I asked for the same length on other straps as well.

When it turned out to be a fixed length the strap becomes cozy a whole lot more portable, and easy to make use of. I may not picture the situation when you need to change the length all the time, so the adjustable length are simply in case the original length doesn’t work for you for some reason.

Each strap designed to be functional and good looking exactly at the same time. I believe that the strap manufacturers had a few cameras in mind during their research and development process.

I think the straps that are wider are better works on bigger and heavier cameras and small and skinny straps better works on small cameras like 35mm cameras.

Personal taste and preference

No matter how much we want to make buying decisions predicated on reasoning, sometimes you just have to go with the heart. My personal tastes may be far away from yours’, but I am hoping that the things I’ve written here will help you out in what you’re searching for.  I’ve a biased view towards straps that are wide or bigger in size. You may have a particular fascination with layout or strap’s material kind, that’s excellent. The more you go with your choice in buying things the more happier you will be with your purchase. So, whatever you are going to buy always consider your personal choice and preference but not by sacrificing the functionality and quality of the product.

Types of Camera Straps

Leather Straps

Leather camera straps are the old straps which are nonetheless strong and dependable. That can endure for years and if you’re searching for something powerful leather strap is the best option to select. Leather is undoubtedly, among the very long-lasting materials known to man.

Due to the reliability, leather straps can’t be overcome when it comes to continuing a number of years.

Also , they are quite cozy. Several manufacturing companies not make leather camera straps any any more. Several photographers that adore using them normally have had them produced by smaller businesses offering expert camera straps that were handcrafted.

They may be higher priced than many straps, but you can be used it for long time which will make the extra cost more than worth it .

Default Camera Strap:

Everything you do together with your cam and depending on your own personal preferences, the strap that came with your camera is just great. This strap is good in the event that you don’t do not plan on traveling with it dangling out of your neck or shoulder and utilize your camera with a great deal. These stock straps are usually inexpensively produced and break when used a lot. You’ll need to get a more powerful, high end camera, in the event that you are using your camera a great deal, journey with it or walk around taking it.

Straps that Grip

You would like to ensure the strap you get grasps your shoulder firmly and feels comfortable. Several cams, particularly with lens and are very hefty so getting a strap that holds your cam steadily and safely is a plus point that put your really worry aside.

The final thing you need to stress and even think about is that the strap will support the the camera firmly, if you are focusing on shooting pictures. The dissimilarity between stock strap and a grippy strap is the default strap doesn’t as well as the strap that is grippy has a non-slip lining on a single side.

Otherwise they may be nearly the exact same in breadth, length and weight distribution. Among the drawbacks to the straps that are grippy is the rubber making deposits in your fingers and clothes which is in the straps. From happening this, ensure that you get a higher quality grippy strap, may decrease the chance with this.

Neoprene Camera Straps

Neoprene straps are slightly stretchy, light weighted and super comfy. They offer much comfort to user, strong and provide more relaxation at the same time as compared to the stock strap. The additional padding provide a great deal more relaxation for the photographer, especially around the neck and shoulder.

But there is one reason that neoprene isn’t so good particularly an outside one which may need to do some hard work to capture the pictures, for the expert photographer.

Neoprene isn’t create a problem when you just strolling around. But the flexibility may put more pressure on neck and your shoulders if you are getting around a lot.

Sling Straps

Such a camera straps handles two distinct but typical issues: slipping and maneuvering the camera the camera up to your own attention immediately to capture a go. Many of the digicam on the marketplace involve some type of sling straps that can be used for a variety versions of cameras. This type of strap can be excellent option for a professional, but this isn’t a sole option to get on.

Taking the cam across the body is a lot more convenient than around the neck.It is also supported by the hip. A disadvantage of the sling strap is that any time you make use of your tripod you’ll need to just take off the your strap.

The strap cost somewhat more than conventional straps, but many that utilize them believe they have been worth the additional price. The main advantages of utilizing a sling strap, contain mitigation of the cam falling, provide more comfort when taking the camera as a result of the weight distribution the sling strap offers.


How to care for camera strap

First, ensure you’re affixing it for your camera in right way. This strap wearing guide reveals the proper approach to put on a camera strap in right way, although each manufacturing company could have its directions.

Clear canvas straps using a moist cloth, but air-drying is most useful to clean a strap.

You own a leather strap, must take care of it as carefully, becase its really expensive, reliable, strong runs for years. So, care your leather straps as you care for your other leather products like boots or leather bags.


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