10 Best Emoji Apps for Android

What is an Emoji

Emoji – it is a non-verbal factor in your electronic message. Emoji actually a facial impression that provide a sense to your text. It show your emotions in your written message. If you are fond of texting on mobile or on web or you already using emoji apps then you are surely familiar with this. And also like to use it.

It gives a proper meaning to your text message. A message written with emoji can easily understood by the reader. This provide a style to the text . A message without it is like as the girls without makeup or HTML without CSS. So, you can say, it is an important factor of impressive text messages.

List of Top 10 Emoji Apps

As you know texting/chatting on Mobile Phones is going popular day by day, and emoji becoming popular. There are a lot of social networking apps that you use for chatting with your family and friends like Whatsapp, twitter and Facebook. To provide a color to your messages you need emoji apps. These social networking apps also come up with built-in emoticons but these emoticons are limited and boring. But don’t worry there are number of apps in the market that are specially designed for emoticons and emoji. These applications come-up with huge lists of emoticons. Here, follow we find out a list of best emoji apps and best emoji keyboard apps for android. Took your favorite emoji app and give your text a stylish look.

1- Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro – Free

Kika is an emoji keyboard app, with 50M downloads and 4.4 rating at first in our list. This app let you to use emoticons, emoji, stickers in your text out of its 1200+ stuff. These emoticons works like GIF image, or a sticker. It come up with 100+ different themes but you can also create your own custom theme by just uploading your image. It supports more than 60 different languages and also predicts emoji based on your text. Its a free emoji app to use but to unlock its premium feature you have to pay for it.

keyboard pro Emoji app


2- Emojidom: Chat Smileys & Emoji

If you want to use emoji in your text then you are OK with the previously described app but if you want to use HD emoji then you have to use Emojidom – this app come up with 4,000 unique emoji and smileys but in HD quality.This app is also a popular app on PlayStore with 4.2 rating and 10 M downloads. This is a free emoji app but if you want to use its all emoji then you have to purchase this app.Its premium version costs 2$ – 6$.



3- Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Next up we have Cute Emoticons – as name described, this application contains 3,000 really really cute emoticons and emoji. This app is also an emoji keyboard android app so you have to enable it as your default keyboard app then it will works for you. This is superb emoji app that let you to send not only emoji but also text faces, Diversity emoji and symbols. This app contains huge list meme. This app also predicts words for your words. It is highly customizable app which allow you to change color of the keyboard, theme out of 1000 beautiful  themes, background image of the keyboard and even you can change the keyboard style (QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY). Its another coolest emoji app that you can have free.



4- Emoji Camera Sticker Maker

Our next emoji app is little different from our previous defined apps. EMOJI CAM is actually a camera image sticker maker. With this app you can set an emoji or sticker on your snaps to make it more beautiful. This app contains over 800 emoji that you can stick on your snap. Using this app you can express your emotions in your image. You just only have you take a photo from your camera or from gallery and adjust your favorite emoji anywhere on the snap. This app make your photos more beautiful and attractive.


camera sticker maker emoji app


Emoji Camera Sticker Maker
Emoji Camera Sticker Maker
Developer: rlapps
Price: Free


5- Emoji Quiz

Fifth emoji app in our list is Emoji Quiz – this app is actually a game. This is a superb simple game in which you have to guess the word hidden in a given emoji list. At start this game is simple and easy but it becomes difficult at higher levels. This game have more 500 levels and the company is adding more new levels with its coming updates. Its a really interesting game, once you started you will never stop yourself till end. Its another free emoji app you can download from Play Store.


emoji quize app


Emoji Quiz
Emoji Quiz
Developer: Mangoo Games
Price: Free+


6- Love Emoji

Yeah! you got right, Love Emoji is an emoji app with that you can only send love emoji, stickers, emoticons and etc. If you want to express your love to your wife, friend, and fiancee then this app has great stuff for you. This app contains more than 100 unique and quality love emoji that will be enough to convince your angry life partner. You can send these love emoji on any social network. This free emoji app for android for only deep lovers. These love stickers will express your feeling that you have for someone (who has special meaning in your life).

love emoji application



7- Look of Disapproval

If you like to send only text faces or text emoticons then “Look of Disapproval” is best emoji app for you. This emoji app contains tons of text faces/emoticons that you can use in your text messages to make them more impressive. This amazing application only can run on Jellybean and Up android versions. You just have to tap on your favorite emoticon to send it to your friends. You can also share an emoticon with other apps by just long pressing it. I find this app really really interesting, another free emoji app for android.

look disapproval emoji application


Look of Disapproval
Look of Disapproval
Developer: sLAUGHTER
Price: Free+


8- Emoji Crack – Make New Emoji

Have you tired of using same old emoji keyboard for android and want to create your own new emoji??? Our Next app will be very helpful for you in this regard. With Emoji Crack (Emoji Maker) you can create your own custom emoji. This emoji app allow you to create emoji you want. This amazing emoji application enriched with tons of different shapes like hats, mouths, eyes, and many others that you can use to design or create your own emoji.

emoji crack application


Emoji Crack - Make New Emoji!
Emoji Crack - Make New Emoji!
Developer: piZap
Price: Free


9- YourMoji – Custom Emoji Editor

Our next app is also let you to create your own emoji but in different way. Yeah! YourMoji app let you to change your photo into an emoji. With this app you can create emoji, sticker and memes from any image. Through this app you can create you own meme. This app also contains 100’s of previously created emoji to use. You can also create gif/animated emoji from this app, free emoji app for android.

yourmoji emoji editor app



10- Emoji Camera

camera photo emoji maker application


Our last app is quite different from our other emoji applications. This is actually a camera emoji app. Emoji camera create emoji of your own face while taking snap. It is very easy to use, you just have to launch the app, focus the camera on you face and adjust the face features that matches to your face,  Capture snap, then the app automatically generates 15 different emojis. Choose you favorite one and share it to your friends.


Emoji Camera
Emoji Camera
Developer: Dexati
Price: Free


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