5 Best Smartphone gadgets you need to have : Gadgets that take you one step ahead

Smartphone has become an important aspect to live a smarter life. Because it is using is every field of life whether it is business or daily routine life. Smartphone is itself a smart device but it also has some of it’s weak points. And sometime these weak points become create problems for you. To solve these problems there are many gadgets are available in market. Gadgets make your smartphone more smarter. Here we are going to share some best smartphone gadgets that make your smartphone really a technology device — technology that useful for you.I think these gadgets that we are going to share with you will be very helpful in your daily as well as business life.These really useful and amazing tools take your self one step forward in technology.Lets checkout these best smartphone gadgets in following.

List of Best Smartphone Gadgets

Night Cable

The first gadget in our list will be very useful for your charger whether you are using charger or not.The idea used behind Night cable is super simple and useful.The smartphone’s chargers come up with short length wire.And this is very problematic to use phone while charging and your bed/sofa is far away from electric switch.OR When you are not using your charger, most often its charging pin you drooped on the the floor.Night Cable designed to remove these frustrations and make things more enjoyable.First its a 3m long cable, enough cable to charge comfortably.The best part of this cable is its knot.Its knot can be anchored to any place.So, this will keep your charger’s pin up on the table or on any other place where you place it.


Our next gadget will replace your ordinary keychain but its functionality will be quite different. WonderCube is a tiny first aid box for your smartphone.Yeah! this tiny box contains almost all of your smartphone’s accessories.It contain built-in cable so, you can charge your phone any where on any time.


This gadget can stick at the backside of your phone …You can use it as your smartphone’s stand (both portrait + landscrape mode).It has memory card reader and a torch.With its emergency charger you can charge your phone by just putting cell batteries in it. These all things in just a small cubic keychain, you should really have this.


At 3rd in our list is Bavel.Bavel putt your smartphone’s 2D camera into amazing 3D tool.This tool let you to express your self into a new dimension.With its elegant design it works both with Android and iPhone.This can be simply attach to any smartphone and tablet with headphone jack.Just scan the person or place you want to photograph capture them 3D and share your 3D photos same way you share your ordinary 2D photos.Yeah thats true! you can share 3D content on social network just like regular photos.This is great tool for those who are fond of 3D photos.


What if your smartphone ran out of battery and there is no any power source near to you.But think about the power sources that all around of us all the time.Every where you look there people have smartphone and tablets each with their own batteries.What if the there a way for our devices to connect each other and share their battery life.Yeah this can be possible with AnyLink .The only charging cable that you need.You just have to connect one end to your phone and other to your friend’s phone and start charging your phone.With It you can not only charge your phone but also you can send files through this smart cable.



Last Gadget in our list is NanoHold.This is super simple and useful gadget.With this you can putt your smartphone on any smooth and flat surface.NanoHold use nano suction technology this is why is can stick with any thing easily whether it is a wall,wood, glass,stainless steal or any thing else but it should be flat.This is a great thing to stick your phone any where you want.I really like this and suggest you to use.

I hope you got this article about best smartphone gadgets very informative. Please give your feedback in comment section.

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