Best Smartphone based on the Operating Systems

Ever since my current phone took a nose dive for the worst, I was forced to face a glaring reality. Which is best smartphone, we have to decide. A phone is a necessity. That’s when it dawned on me… Smartphones have definitely taken over our lives! That being said, I was now faced with the daunting task of choosing a new phone. I soon discovered that it was easier said than done. With the number of different companies that have flooded the market, choosing the ideal smartphone is not an easy task. The fact that each company has a number of different types of phones certainly doesn’t help the situation!

After wading around in the smartphone market and searching through endless amounts of data on Google, I was frustrated. That’s when a friend suggested taking a look at the different Operating systems that the smartphones have. He said it makes things so much simpler. I was all for making things simpler but understanding how an Operating system worked didn’t sound simple at all! Luckily for me, he knew what he was talking about and agreed to give me a few pointers.

He broke it down into simple words. There are basically four main types of Operating systems. The Windows OS, the Android OS, the Blackberry OS and the iOS. The Android OS is owned by Google and is the Operating system that you will find on all Google based phones. The names differ as per the updates (ie. Donut, Jellybean etc.) but the Operating system is the same. The Blackberry OS was developed for Blackberry phones by a company called ‘Research In Motion’ (RIM). Windows OS is the software which is commonly used in computers. It got integrated into mobiles when Nokia and Windows joined hands a few years ago. As for the iOS… It doesn’t take a genius to guess who incorporated the iOS into their phone systems. Yes! You are right! It was Apple.
I found it easy to understand the classification when he described how each phone fits under one OS category or the other. I still however did not understand what the real difference between the Operating systems was. After all they performed the same functions. They allowed you to call, to surf the internet, to send emails and to play games. Right? Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Which is best Smartphone?

which is best smartphone


The Android OS has gained popularity because of its appearance and efficiency. Millions of different apps are available on the Google app market called ‘Google Play’. It is rated as one of the top Operating systems. Samsung, Motorola and HTC are just a few names of companies which use the Android OS for their smartphones.


The iOS came into play when the first iPhone was launched. Though the appearance of the iOS has always been simplistic, the user friendly interface has made iPhones extremely popular.


Blackberry in turn runs on the Blackberry OS. The Blackberry OS is well known for its interface style which involves the use of a QWERTY keypad and a trackball cursor. Another very important point that has made the Blackberry OS famous is it’s resistance to almost all viruses. I guess that’s why it is the phone of choice for most company phones today.


When Windows and Nokia paired up, they came out with the colourful and user friendly Window OS interface. The fact that Nokia started using Windows OS as an Operating system gave the Windows OS a new lease on life. In the months to come Samsung and HTC joined the band wagon. A few Samsung and HTC phones were released with the Windows OS.
If you don`t know which OS on which phone you can visit Meteor or your local online shop and filter OS of your interest.
At the end of my friend’s lengthy explanation, I came to the conclusion that he was right. Classifying phones on the basis of their Operating system really made the search for the ideal phone easier. It helped me pinpoint what I really wanted in the phone. After all the phone is more than a slim body and a great touchscreen panel. What matters is how it functions and that ultimately depends on the Operating system that it holds within its cover.
So is it important to decide a phone based on which Operating system it uses? I would say yes. We choose to buy a car based on the engine under its hood. Then why shouldn’t the same rules apply for our smartphones? After all… We sometimes rely on them far more than we rely on our cars!

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