How to secure and completely delete data on Android

Resetting your phone is not save way to completely delete data on android device.

Researchers at Cambridge University recently found that full reset of the Android device does not guarantee that the data it will not be restored.

The matter is that data doesn’t completely deleted from the device after resetting SSD…

…Rather it only records in the operating system.

New user can easily scan the memory and recover almost all of your deleted data.

The terrible thing is that he can not only restore your photos or messages…

…but also passwords hashes.

These password hashes can be used for unauthorized access to account login on different sites.

Then what is the?…

Best way to completely Erase data on Android


How to secure and completely delete data on Android

How to secure and completely delete data on Android


The important thing is that this problem is only on android devices not on iOS and Window Phones…

…this is because the files in iOS and Window Phones are secured much more—they are encrypted and decrypted can only device in which memory they are contained.

iPhone and iPad full disk encryption come in 2009 with the release of iOS 3.0 and Window Phones genuinely developed with crypto protection.

However, it is wrong to say about Android – less secure system, Android Platform also have full disk encryption, but by default it is turned off.

With release of Android 5.0 Google demanded to manufacturers to include it, but then abandoned this idea, because turning it on has the unfavourable affects on the device performance.

Turning on encryption and lesion device performance, I think isn’t a good idea…

…But it is noteworthy before you sell your android smartphone or tablet, copy all of your important files and then go to phone setting and turn on the encryption…

… it will take some, after this you will have completely wiped out your deleted files, it will be impossible to recover them.And then you can disable encryption.

It works like a shredder – a tool used to completely destroy deleted files…

…You can also use third party shredders apps but that are not save to use because they can ruin the drive.

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