5 Excelent Tips to increase your Digital Gadget’s Battery Life

Battery replacement is always a very serious issue for laptop, tab and especially for mobile users.

Because a new and good battery costs high.

Such devices users always find different ways to increase the battery time and battery life of their digital gadget’s.

But I think your way of using is really important to your device battery.

One thing I noticed about mobile users they did not care their phone’s battery as they care their cellphone externally.

Your digital devices come up with Lithium Ion batteries.

The capacity of these kind of batteries decrease with time.

But with little care and applying following important tips you can maximize your smartphone’s battery lifespan.

Best ways for a longer battery life

Here follow I have gathered some great tips for your gadget’s battery from different site like AndroidApple, HPDell  and Battery University .

1-Avoid heavy use of battery, means that you should avoid from continuous use of battery until its power decrease 10% or less.

According to Battery University depth of discharge effects your gadget’s battery life.

A partial discharge is pretty good for a longer battery life.

And always try to charge your battery between 45% and 75% because 100% charge stress the battery.

Charge your battery in short spans multiple time a day.


2-If you have an extra device and you are going to store it for a month or more than 30 days, charge your gadget up to 50% and power it off before storing.

Always store your device in dry and cool place.If the storing duration is more than six months then charge it again 50% after 6 months.


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You should leave your device neither fully charged nor completely discharged.

Because leaving a device completely discharged can put your battery in deep discharge state means battery will loss its ability of holding a charge.

And storing a device fully charged can loss the capacity of battery.


3-A digital device is designed to perform well in moderate temperature.

A temperature within the range of 16° C to 22° C is an ideal temperature for a device.

So, try to keep your device away from elevated temperature.

A temperature higher than the 35° C cause the permanent capacity loss.


4-Remove any kind of case or cover of your device when you are going charge your phone.

Because battery produces heat while it being charged.

This heat needs an exit door to release and mobile case doesn’t allow that.

As I mentioned heat cause capacity loss.So, remove case before charging your device.


5-Power off your device while charging because this is very helpful for a battery in reaching its threshold voltage.

Update your device with latest version.

This is because advanced technologies are mostly come with energy-saving strategies.


I hope these tips will be very helful for your gadget’s battery.

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