Xiaomi introduced mountain bike Mi Qicycle

In case Xiaomi’s cheap-but-great mobiles are not adequate to allow it to conquer the globe from the immediate future, the also dealing with its famous  products, like its super-thin notebook, also a drone and now it introduces its foldable electric bicycle.

Mountain Bike Mi Qicycle

Yeah, Xiaomi launched its own Mountain Bike, Mi QiCycle with its partner iRiding. Xiaomi Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike enriched with a GPS-receiver, and tracker, a mobile communication module and alot more.

Features and Dimensions

The previous Mi Qicycle was intended for traveling around the city. The new Mi Qicycle Mountain Bike is designed for crossed and mountainous terrain. The mountain bike come with internal battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, its frame is made of aluminum, its dimension is 165 × 23.5 × 78.5 cm with a weight of 13.6 kg.

With 27.5 27.5-inch wheels and brake system by Shimano the Mi Qicycle mountain bike looks great.

The bike has on-board computer, it easily connects with smartphone with bluetooth technology, show your location and track information on mobile screen with the help of GPS, if you are conneted with a SIM-card.

The Mi QiCycle only sells in china markets for 1,999 yuan ($299). If the demand increases it’ll appera in other markets also.

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