Nivea Men Nose: Your Phone’s Back Cover that will Sniff Armpits

I guess you’ve grown accustomed to the fact that the only function of the cover of your phone isn’t more than to protect your phone.There are alot of inventions in the mobile industry you can see out there.Like, built-in LED notification for missed events, Bluetooth hardware keyboard allow you to type in you cell phone wirelessly, and even you can charge your phone via a wireless charger.




And what if, there is a mobile cover that tell you that you really need to use deodorant?

A similar question asked to the Company Nivea, and they answered to this question in the form of “Nivea Men Nose”.

Yeah! Nivea Men Nose is a back cover for your cell phone, which looks like not more than a belated April Fool’s joke, but it actually exist, that sniffs your armpits and then application installed on your phone tells whether you need to take shower or not.Special sensor captures smell and a subsequent evaluation will then arrange for a special algorithm, which has been behind the odor evaluation of more than 4,000 men.




According to the inveter of the “Nivea Men Nose”, it is a human nose genrally enough accustomed to the smell of our own body, but it can’t smell/feel like human nose as human nose can.



Nivea Men Nove cover is in its beta testing and soon it will be available around the world.The developers behind the whole idea is definitely confident to their product that it will be similar to technology that sniff odors, recongnizes it and integrated into the smartphone itself.

Source : techtimes

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