REMOVU S1: Made for GoPro Cameras

Do you want extremely GoPro footage. It does not matter where it is mounted. Check this removu s1 world’s most versatile gimbal stabilizer.

It can take professional images or videos during any action you are performing.

you have never seen this type of gadget because it has some amazing features like you can take shots in every angle without holding it in your hands.

So lets come to its┬ámore functions…

It has brushless DC motor means it is water proof. Enjoy taking shots in rain.

Having aluminium body is its premium quality.

And My favorite factor is that it has great OLED display which shows battery level and current mode of camera.

For controlling camera direction remotely a 5-dimensional joystick is available with it. Which can be used wirelessly.

Its design is amazingly user friendly. Anybody can wear it on body and attach on cycle for making crazy pics or videos to impress other one’s. You can wear it on your head and memorable shots during ice skating.

Mount it anywhere and make great scenes of your life with control of wireless joystick of this best Removu s1 gadget.

Easily removable camera from this.

removu s1 image 1

removu s1 image 2

removu s1 image 3

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