Best Ways to Unblock Sites: Get Access to Blocked Sites

We have collected the most simple, effective and best ways that will help you to unblock  sites, sites blocked by your government, school/college or organization you work for, OR the sites like torrents, LinkedIn and other popular blocked sites.

Here follow we sum up some ways how to unblock websites (‘sites’), the article includes extension, Software, apps and browsers that will let you to not only unblock sites at school, college, work place and even in your country, but also allow you to surf the web securely, hiding and changing your current location and more. We also mention here the ways to unblock sites on your mobile device. These all tools not only help you to unblock sites but also provide you privacy, security, encrypt traffic, and allow you to browse securely.

Through these tools you can unblock and king kind of websites such as unblocked movie sites, unblocked gaming sites and also unblocked music sites. These will also help you to unblock Netflix in you country.

These tools available for all popular operating system such as windows, mac and Linux.

So let’s move to…

1- Browser Extensions to Unblock Websites

Installing an extension for the browser is one of the fastest and convenient way to bypass the lock. Extensions do not require any effort from user and are extremely easy to install and configure.

Here follow we sum up the list of browser extensions to unlock sites on your browser, you just have to add these proxy extensions on your browser, open a blocked website and feel free.

i- Unblock to Rutraker (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, “Yandex.Browser”)

Special expansion for access to the most popular torrent tracker RuNet. These extensions allow you to access rutracker free of cost. Here follow we mentioned rutracker extensions for different browser click to install extensions.


ii- anonymoX (Only for Firefox, Chrome)

anonymoX – a browser extension allow you to unblock sites(blocked sites by government, school, and organization) and also surf anonymously over internet. The actual anonymization and country faking is done by an anonymization network. anonymoX running many servers behind the scene, in every country of your country list. These all of the servers are provided and managed by anonymoX. Its free version contains advertisement, but if you not want to see adds then you have to pay to buy its full version.


  • Unblock blocked & censored websites
  • surf anonymously over internet
  • Change your country location and IP address
  • surf from another country

Download anonymoX :

iii- Browsec (only for Opera, Chrome)

Browsec is a chromes extension, also available for Opera, an advanced analog of friGate, Stealthy, Hola and ZenMate. It Encrypts your traffic and allow you to unblock blocked sites. No one will be able to identify, track or sniff your traffic.


  • Enable you to visit Facebook and twitter, if your organization blocked these sites.
  • Hide your location from sites you visit

Download Browsec:

iv- FriGate (only for Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

The extension help you to not only unlock sites but also supports .onion sites and EmerDNS. It encrypts your traffic and routes it on their secure VPN.

friGate also has a premium Proxy extension for Chrome with a set of advanced features.


  • Bypass blocked sites
  • provide access to .onion sites
  • privacy and security

Download FriGate :

v- Privatix (Opera, Chrome, Firefox)

privatix is an extension for Opera, Chrome and Firefox enable you to bypass blocking sites, trackers and contents, also keep your online activity safe. The extension is free of cost and provide unlimited access.


  • No registration
  • WebRTC and Flash IP-address leaks protection
  • simple and user friendly
  • unblock sites and contents
  • secure internet connection
  • WiFi protection

Download Privatix:

vi- ZenMate (Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

Most popular extension to bypass blocking sites and encrypts all of your traffic, change location and IP address, so that you can surf the internet anonymously. As mentioned, it changes your virtual location that help you to unblock sites, that are restricted in your country. With 34 million users zenMate most used extension over internet. If comes free, but if you want to enjoy full features and fast speed then you have to spend some money.


  • Privacy and Security
  • Allow you to change location and IP
  • Smart Price feature
  • Fast Speed

Download ZenMate:

2- Proxy Browser

Here we find out the best proxy browser that will help you not only unblock sites,  but also unblocked movie sites, unblocked music sites, unblock sites at school and also at office. The best thing about the browser with proxy is you just have to install browser and do not need to install anything else, just select the necessary option in the settings and that’s all you have to do.

I think its a handy and quickest option to use the proxy through a browser, you just have just launch the browser and click a single button and your proxy starts.  You can change you location what ever you want by just selecting the desire country. Another one of the best site unblocker.

At the moment we share with you the most popular desktop proxy browser.

Proxy Browser List

A good practice is to use two browsers: the main one to which you are accustomed and use for everything or general purpose, and an additional one with built-in VPN to visit blocked sites and surf anonymously.

3- VPN Services

Don’t know What is VPN? Here you can find the all the details about VPN, what actually is VPN, why you require or need VPN.

To put it simply, VPN service in the context of blocking is a way to change your location, pretending to be a resident of a country in which the site you want is not prohibited. Best thing about VPN is, the user receives a secure channel with encryption of all transmitted data.

Reliability and speed of the channel depend on the VPN service provider. The key difference between VPN service and the above plugins is that the former require a simple but still customization, but they work not only when surfing through the browser, but also for all information transmitted and received from the web.

VPN service is the best option while you talk about, changing location, hiding location, unblocking sites, privacy. Only the best and powerful tool for secure communication.

Best VPN Service

  • ExpressVPN
  • PVanish VPN
  • Hide My Ass VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • KeepSolid VPN Unlimited
  • Golden Frog VyprVPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • PureVPN
  • TorGuard VPN
  • AnchorFree
  • SpotFlux
  • NordVPN
  • TunnelBear VPN

The above list is of best VPN available in the market, provide you the VPN service. But you have to pay to use VPN service, its not free to use. The price shuffle form $10 to $20/ month. So its not really expensive.

4- Proxy Servers

A proxy is another simple way to unblock sites that allows you to access the Internet through a remote server, which is why all sites think that you are actually in the country where this server is located. Accordingly, if in that country the site you need is not prohibited, then you can go to it.

5- TOR and other distributed networks

TOR is a network of routers and software designed specifically to ensure the anonymity of users. Roughly speaking, when using this technology, your request to the site and the response from it go so tortuous and complicated through a chain of proxy servers that it is almost impossible to calculate the client. So, this can be say this is one of the best way how to unblock site.

The easiest way to start using this technology is to download and install Tor Browser, a special Firefox build with all the necessary additional components, including NoScript, Torbutton and HTTPS Everywhere add-ons. Before downloading, do not forget to select the desired language from the pop-up list.

6- Unblock sites on smartphones and tablets


Unblock sites on Android

To unblock sites on android or the best ways to bypass the blocking of a site on a smartphone or tablet is to use the Data-saving mode in Chrome, Opera, UC Browser and other mobile browsers with the same function. To do this Follow the following steps.

How enable data save on android
Step 1:

Open Google Chrome in your cellphone and click on three horizontal dots on the top right side on your chrome homepage.

Step 2:

Now click on settings


Step 3:

Click on data saver


Final Step 4:

on your data saver mode




Proxy Browser for Android
Orfox: Tor Browser for Android

Orfox – an Android browser with built-in Tor. Its mobile is same as of the desktop version Tor Browser because it built from the same source code as Tor Browser desktop version. But There are some minor modifications in source code to make it compatible with the android operating system. Orfox need Orbot app for Android to connect to the Tor network. It allow your to easily unblock sites and browse securely over web and unblocked movie sites, unblock Netflix.

Unblock sites on iOS

Onion Browser – Secure & Anonymous Web with Tor

Open source Tor-powered browser for iOS help you to bypass blocking site and trackers.

  • Surf internet over Tor:
  • Hide your real IP address to visiting sites
  • ISPs and insecure wireless networks cannot track your browsing.
  • Allow you to access .onion sites
  • Fight online tracking, and clear your cookies, history and cache with one click


Puffin Web Browser

Puffin – web browser fast, secure and equipped with the next generation rendering engine allow you to unblock sites. All of your traffic is encrypted that protects you from nearby hackers. Also provide public WiFi security.

  • Fast Speed
  • Web Gaming
  • Fastest JavaScript Engine
  • Incognito tab for private browsing
  • Unblock sites
Cargo Vpn

Let’s take a look at the costs of using Cargo VPN. The app is free for the Mac App Store, including a version for iOS devices, allowing you to try and test the service around the clock. There are then several subscription offers to choose from. The service costs $9.99 for one month, $49.99 for a full year ($4.17/mo), and $99.99 for 3 years ($2.78/mo).

Unblock sites on Window Phones

VPN service for mobile

VPN service also available for mobile, there are a lot of VPN service apps out there. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) among the best tool to surf securely, anonymously, and unblock blocking sites over internet, unblock game sites, unblocked movie sites and unblocked music sites.Movie sites means you can unblock Netflix, if it is blocked in your country. Most of the people use it to change their location over web and IP address. Almost all current mobile operating systems have built-in VPN creation tools. If you prefer VPN services, you can configure the connection on mobile devices.

If you do not want to tinker with settings, you can install a mobile application to easily create a VPN connection on a smartphone or tablet.

Best VPN for Android and iOS


Using one of the suggested options of unblock sites, you can get access to the desired site, and move securely and anonymously on the web, encrypt traffic, and have security on public WiFi networks.

All the resources we mentioned in this article to unblock sites, but you can gain more advantage from them. So, study them and choose the one that suits you best.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to subscribe to the official community of your favorite sites on social networks. If access to the resource again disappears, you can get the latest instructions through social networks. Keep in touch with us you will find interesting solutions to the problems.


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