VR Girlfriend – A Free dating simulator Game

When you didn’t find a real girlfriend or you want to date with girl then the VR Girfriend app is the best option for you.

VR girlfriend is actually a dating simulator app, one of the best virtual girlfriend dating simulator where to can find a beautiful virtual girlfriend. The app works as, you are a photographer who come to the an island, the island of paradise. Here you met with a beautiful girl named Nancy and introduce yourself as a photographer. She also makes it clear that she also here to have fun, and then it all starts.

As you have fun in real life with you girlfriend, In the app you also have to indulge the girl in all ways. You have to take her to restaurant, give her gifts, play with her in casino, and more. This will increase your point, the point will help you to achieve other levels in the game.


Yeah, in this VR girlfriend simulator game there are different levels. As you move to higher levels the new entertainment and opportunities will open up to you. For example you can buy clothes, swimsuits, shoes and other things for your virtual girlfriend Nancy.

You can also have a conversation with Nancy, during the conversation you’ve to give the right answer to the question, so as not to upset her. The right question will add more coins to your account. For Example if she don’t want eat because she is afraid to grow fat. It’ll be right to offer her food with low calorie.

If you want to survive in this VR girlfriend game then you’ve to earn more coins, you can also won coins in the casino. There are different ways through you can earn coins in the app or you can buy the coins. The game is all about the coins if you haven’t coins you can’t further play game.

The more you play the VR girlfriend and achieve levels, strengthen your relationship with Nancy, this will help you to play more with Nancy. You can see how she takes shower after ocean bathing. When you both fall in love, Nancy will dance for you in the bar. Don’t take is seriously she’ll ask one day “She has many admirers ” and you sooner or later leave this paradise valley.

VR GirlFriend
VR GirlFriend
Developer: Wenjie He
Price: Free+

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